7555-Sentary Jarhead Wall Mount Tank Alarm with 12 volt Transfformer

7555 The Sentry Jarhead Wall Mount Alarm is a 2-piece unit that allows the control panel to be mounted almost anywhere for easier accessibility.

The Sentry Jarhead Alarm is designed and engineered for use on most single or double walled above ground tanks and is primarily used to help prevent costly and unnecessary tank overflows or bulk product shortages of such fluids as oils, waste oils, antifreeze, water, diesel and liquids with a low flash point.

This low cost unit is simple to install in a 2” tank bung and easily maintained on-site. When activated to an alarm condition, the Sentry will sound its 103-decibel siren for up to 4 days on a fresh 9-volt battery and is a simple solution for remote areas where AC power is not accessible.

  • Avoid Costly Overflows or Untimely Inventory Shortages
  • Common 9-Volt Battery Operated or Upgradeable to AC Power
  • Alarm Sounds Up to 4 Days On a Fresh Battery
  • Ideal For Remote Areas Where AC Power is Not Accessible
  • Simple installation
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